5 ways to look younger- Vitamin C.

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

11. C the difference Vitamin C helps brighten the complexion and firm the skin.

12. Get a faux glow Lotions with a hint of self-tanner give you an overall youthful, rested, and relaxed glow.

13. Pamper your hands

Keep them groomed and hydrated; use rubber gloves when dishwashing or housecleaning; keep your cuticles cared for; and wear your nails shorter in a modern, youthful mani. Trade in the tired French manicure for a sophisticated nude shade. And don’t forget to slather your hands with sunscreen. “When patients complain about how old their hands look, it’s almost always about the freckles and sunspots,” says Spa Medica’s Davis.

14. Chop, chop “Go no longer than 10 weeks without a trim and avoid stiff hairstyles,” says stylist Jami Symons, owner of Jami Symons salon in Calgary and artistic director for AG Hair Cosmetics.

15. Highlight Dark hair against pale skin gets less flattering as we age. Ask your colorist for highlights around your face, or “lighten your base color a couple of shades,” says stylist Howard Barr, owner of The Howard Barr Studio and Canadian creative consultant for John Frieda hair products. Crank up your hair’s shine with DIY shine kits or in-shower glaze treatments.


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