What is the most important part of skincare?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Moisturizer is the most important part of your skincare.

Why is moisturizer so important? How to do it right?

Moisturizer is one of the most important parts of skincare, as it prevents premature aging and can help with acne.

Hydration is crucial for your skin's ability to regulate itself. While the overproduction of oil can cause breakouts, so can dryness.

Moisturizing your face can reduce your chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness, according to the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

While it's a common misconception that people with acne shouldn't add more moisture to the equation, moisturizing your skin twice a day in the mornings and night after cleansing can actually reduce the overproduction of oil in your skin and decrease your acne.

Timing is everything

Morning, Cleanse

First things first. Cleansing always takes precedence. It sounds obvious, but some people insist on going without a cleanser each morning. Their reasoning is that they wash their face each night. There's no makeup or dirt coming in contact with their skin while they sleep, so they just splash water on their face. This could be a mistake??? Because even the best products won't work if debris or oil is on the skin.


After cleansing, your skin should be smooth, fresh, and clean. That's when you reach for toner, which is a thin veil of hydration that should always precede moisturizer.

You will gain quite a lot from cleansing, as opposed to just splashing water on your face in the morning, because the products you use work their best and absorb most efficiently on debris-free skin.

This makes sense, considering your skin can still produce oil and come in contact with environmental pollution at night

After showering or washing your face, you want to lock that moisture into your skin. But if your skin is too wet, the lotion will slide right off.


The key to the best night time

skincare routine? Sleep. But there are certainly some ways you can make even sleeping more effective. "Don’t forget to sleep on a satin pillowcase! It is hypoallergenic, cool, and super comfortable," Accara emphasizes. "Also, it will not absorb the products that we just applied on our face."

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